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RBH Access is pleased to announce that the integration of DW Spectrum IPVMS by Digital Watchdog for Integra32 is now complete. The tightly-coupled integration to Integra32 provides users a single interface to manage both systems seamlessly. Effortless response to events is made possible by allowing the operator to link video with events in real-time, directly through the Integra32 Software. In addition, the operator can easily verify that those entering are authorized and using their assigned credential. Linked events can also be derived from 3rd party systems such as compatible alarm panels with any one of the available Digital Watchdog video streams.

2015 12 11 1401 

Integrating DW Spectrum VMS with Integra32 allows for:

  • Increase in Operator Productivity
  • Enhanced ROI
  • Significant improvement in response time to alarms and events
  • and more...

For more information on how this integration can work for you please contact your local RBH representative.

To download the Information sheet on this product click here.

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