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SIA's New Product Showcase "Best of Green Solutions" Award Winner

High Density 32-Door PoE Fault Tolerant Controller
NPS13 GreenSolutions


UNC500 RT_8sm


The UNC-500-FT-8R-RM is an IT centric enterprise class, 32 door non server dependent access control panel that is fully compat

ible with RBH’s award winning AxiomV enterprise edition integrated access control security solution. Taking up a mere 1U of rack space on a standard 19” rack, this high density ACP is fully network fault tolerant and incorporates energy efficient comp

onents resulting in a +20% reduction of overall energy consumption.

To put all of the above in perspective 

even if the AxiomV server were to be offline it is possible to fully execute global dynamic lockdowns, global directional rule based antipassback, global events, global enhanced fully supervised multiple door mantraps (“Sally Ports”) and many more advanced functions including but not limited to multiple area occupancy counting & 3rd party bidirectional hardware integration, simultaneously over all of the 240 doors and the 4,320 I/Os.With unparalleled expandability the UNC-500-FT-8R-RM can be configured to create a self sufficient network of 240 doors and 4,320 fully programmable I/Os. Incorporating the latest generation 32 bit processor and RAM the UNC-500-FT-8R-RM is capable of downloading a typical full enterprise sized database in less than two minutes (an industry first).


The basic configuration of the ACP Includes 4 native embedded TCP/IP network ports, 8 Wiegand reader ports (each port can be configured for up to 5 concurrent Wiegand card formats from the available +50 formats), 2 fully programmable RS-485 application communication ports, 24 programmable inputs & 24 programmable outputs. The ACP is powered via PoE (max. 25W per port) and/or external 12VDC power supply (up to two power supplies are permitted for added redundancy) and accommodates dual backup batteries. The unit includes dual onboard PoE battery chargers. The RS485 ports can be configured to control up to 28 wireless locksets. 



View the PDF Specification Sheet (English)   

View the PDF Specification Sheet (Spanish)  





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