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Toronto Community Housing Corporation                             

Date November 15th, 2011

The Client

TCHC is a government-run housing corporation for the provision of subsidised housing for the less fortunate and needy within the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. There are several problems within the properties, ranging from theft, to violence, drug trafficking, and murders. TCHC were looking for a system to secure their buildings to protect the tenants as well as identify the pattern of movement of criminals. They needed a system which was capable of expanding to meet their requirements and at the same time, the ongoing costs had to be considered.


TCHC did an in-depth analysis of vendor selection by assessing several enterprise-capable systems. This included some field trials with systems and their analysis uncovered shortcomings in expansion capabilities as well as the annual running costs for software licences which were prohibitive. By the time they approached RBH Access Technologies, they were well educated in the field of access control and its implementation. They very quickly assessed that the Axiom V system had the expansion capabilities required and the system was also very IT friendly allowing their own IT personnel to expand the system with minimal involvement from integrators, who did all of the installation at the locations being secured. The system allows the use of standard IT hardware and the architecture is easy to learn.

The System

Today, the Axiom V system from RBH Access Technologies secures 1,300 buildings with over 3,800 doors being protected. The buildings range from low-income houses to high-rise condominium buildings with a variety of entrances being secured. From underground car parking, to base buildings, houses, low level townhomes, common areas, party rooms, gyms, etc. The systems are integrated with entryphones in some cases which allows the TCHC to work closely with the police when trying to identify criminal activity. An example of this is when there are multiple visitors to a single home in a building in a short period of time, this could imply suspicious activity such as drug trafficking.

The Results

In an interview with a representative from the TCHC, there was nothing but praise for the system in how it has met their expectations. The plans are to expand to over 13,000 doors over the next few years and they wanted a system which they knew could achieve that by maximising on their own IT capabilities and it all had to be managed from one central point. The incident rate for all criminal activities at all of our secured properties has decreased by over 50% and the entire system has allowed us to stay within budget every step of the way. When asked the question, would they recommend the RBH system to others, it was a resounding “absolutely.” 







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