Meet blueLINE, the new way to access

Alex Jimenez – RBH Marketing Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean

The blueLINE ™ Credentials and Readers are easily adapted to any Access control system with our mutli-format output allowing any site to take advantage of the versatility that BlueLINE ™ introduces to our industry. enterprise systems and small business alike are seeing the benefits of blueLINE and mobile credentials when used with OSDP encryption , smart card Technology and biometrics.

Mobile phones are with us all the time, we use them without thought for everything in our day-to-day activities. We don’t go anywhere without them and RBH blueLINE leverages this by providing a mobile credential that operates as an app on your phone. Simple, Lockable, Secure

Businesses must approach solutions to optimize their processes and improve operating costs, mobile access control becomes an alternative that many evaluate due to its great advantages. RBH Mobile is breaking the myth on high operating costs, complicated migrations and extended time implementations. RBH has broken down these traditional barriers by developing RBH mobile credentials specifically for these challenges. An RBH blueLINE deployment defines new paradigms on how credentials should be deployed to provide a safe, secure as well as a convenient, security experience for Access Control projects.


How does it work?

BlueLINE ™ is an app that is downloaded from the Apple or Android app store for free. When the app is installed it automatically generates a unique code linked to the mobile phone, this is now your unique credential. The App has a feature to text message or email the credential number to the administrator of the system. The administrator receives the credential number and programs the access as any other credential. To operate the credential, approach the reader, open the application and tap the button which will transmit the credential number to the reader. RBH Mobile credentials can be operating in less than 5 minutes, and since they are free there is no minimum commitment to purchase, so RBH mobile credentials are for everyone!


Behind the solution

blueLINE is a simple, powerful and dynamic line of readers. RBH offers different types of readers based on the environment and application required. Existing systems as well as new can take advantage of blueLINE using our industry standard compatible output. Whether Desfire, Mifare, OSDP, fingerprint, or mobile; any site can have it all!



With blueLINE ™ you will have:

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • RBH does not collect your information so your identity is secure.
  • BLUELINE ™ will only request access to Bluetooth or NFC depending on your access needs.
  • Credentials cannot be cloned, phone cloning will not copy the credential the App must be reinstalled (RBH’s Ultra-High Secure Credential (UHSC) technology generates more than 4 billion unique credentials.)
  • Quick and easy modernization of your access control system
  • Adaptability with the access systems you have installed
  • Compatibility with Android and iPhone cell phones
  • Low battery consumption on the cell phone
  • Long and short range access from 12 inches to 30 feet (ideal for parking entrances)
  • Free use without limit of licenses or mobile credentials.


Adaptable to all needs

A significant number of projects have been implemented throughout the region. From companies in education, to retail and government sectors, blueLINE presents a fast, safe and minimum investment solution. Projects such as pedestrian access, parking lots, and elevators among others, can now be updated with this new technology.

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