Sustainable trends in Access Control due to the Pandemic

Alex Jimenez – RBH marketing manager for Latin America and the Caribbean


In the world of security, we face constant changes and new challenges due to different factors such as emerging technologies and regulations to safeguard people and facilities. These constant changes have been amplified by the pandemic that continues today creating an environment where diversity, integration and flexibility are key factors in future proofing security deployments.

Within the Security Industry, Access Control is without a doubt, one of the most important security elements of users, and facility managers. The pandemic has proven Access Control to be their first line of defence in providing a secure and safe facility for their workers, building guests and indeed their families.

Access control has new challenges in the implementation of systems to match the consumer’s new needs and requirements due to the Pandemic. To meet these challenges, RBH’s experienced team has highlighted 7 industry trends to better meet and develop these changes, and continue to offer services and solutions that deal with the latest market dynamics.


Increase in the use of mobile credentials

It is not a mystery to anyone and numerous publications confirm it, mobile credentials are the wave of the future, Convenient, Easy, Secure. Most likely if you don’t have one now you will soon, Smartphones are indispensable tools for people, and what better than to have your credential part of your phone where the tendency is not to lose it. If it is locked,  the building is kept secure. This is just two of the many reasons why mobile credentials are becoming more popular day by day. Since everyone has a smart phone, distribution is as easy as downloading an App, making it a practical choice for companies to opt into this type of technology while gaining all the benefits.


More simplicity

Regardless of the project size, the key to any Access Control implementation must be simple and seamless but above all scalable, with a high level of integration.

It’s no secret that a simple installation will have many more benefits: easier and fewer technical requirements, execution and support will incur less investment and therefore greater sustainability over time.


Biometric solutions for access ” touchless “

If the pandemic has taught us anything, we must avoid possible contagions of any kind through viruses or bacteria that can be impregnated in different systems of daily use. Future projects or requirements must take into account solutions that allow bio-secure environments. Touchless products with facial recognition capacity, virus-proof access, iris scanners will be the most requested in the future.

Solutions in the cloud

Little by little the large and complex server hardware systems are being left behind to go to cloud-based services, which today have implemented important safety layers for everyone’s peace of mind. Cloud systems allow lower operating costs, remote services and remote access for troubleshooting and system management. These are important dynamics which will also allow expansion of the system at minimal cost due to lower server costs.


Integration – all for one

If the 10 commandments of security existed, without a doubt one of them would be. “You will not opt for systems that are not compatible with others.”

A single security system is not sufficient for current requirements and regulations. Systems that allow integration within a project will be an essential point for todays and tomorrows facilities. Building managers need to have all their systems working together in order to create efficient safe and reliable work spaces now more than ever due to reduced staff, remote working conditions and expanded working hours. Integration means flexibility, choice efficiency!


Multiple authentication factors

In daily use we see how double authentication systems (Captchas, text messages, identity verification, among others), are actions that allow us greater security for our accounts. Access Control is no different; dual authentication shields facilities from unwanted access, and yes, from identity theft and other crimes.


We do it ourselves (DIY)

The days of passing off security implementation to a third party are gone. End users are more involved now and are more aware and committed to the security deployment in their company. Being able to have first-hand access to configurations with little or no contribution of external entities is key. This provides greater control, yet flexibility, for changes in a fluid environment.


RBH solutions against new trends.

These trends are here today, but will be the roadmap for any access control project for years to come. At first it may seem expensive or complicated to implement, but RBH Access Technologies has always been forward thinking about the current economic needs and situations of our customers an in-turn has developed blueLINE. blueLINE is a powerful reader line-up with multiple functions such as biometrics, mobile credentials, OSDP encryption and facial recognition that will allow companies to be at the forefront in terms of access control.


blueLINE a solution of the future to be used in the present.

blueLINE series of readers provide the possibility of using mobile credentials that work through Bluetooth (BLE) or NFC. They can be installed in parallel to the systems you currently have, in addition to providing the possibility of using the same reader for different scenarios, such as pedestrian entries, remote access, outdoor access, or elevators. blueLINE readers offer the following features: smart cards, desfire smart cards, fingerprint, mobile credentials, OSDP, OSDP encryption and facial recognition.


Simplicity in its installation.

blueLINE is compatible with the vast majority of access control software on the market, so you can use them on virtually any system to upgrade a project to todays technology without upgrading the hardware.

Economy and security – a great combination

blueLINE uses our mobile credentials with an encryption system with more than 4 billion combinations that cannot be cloned or hacked. Mobile credentials are free and limitless. (search the app store for ‘RBH mobile’ and download your free credential today)

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