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We have recently added a video for installation and use of the Exit Reader Module for Integra32. Check out the video here.


The newest release of AxiomV now gives you the ability to use the ID-150 Card Authentication Scanner, by AssureTec, to register guests and users with more accuracy and efficiency. For more information about the ID-150 Please visit the AssureTec Website.




If you are not already familiar with the RBH-Access.com Document Library, now would be a great time to go take a look! We have compiled all of the downloadable documents from the entire site into one easy to read page. Just log in and you are on your way to all the spec sheets you need in one place. This week we have added a few new documents to the library. 

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AxiomV Web Client Data Sheet {pub} Download / View {/pub} {reg}Download / View{/reg}
AxiomV CCTV Integrations Data Sheet {pub} Download / View {/pub} {reg}Download / View{/reg}


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Integra32 CCTV Integrations Data Sheet {pub} Download / View {/pub} {reg}Download / View{/reg}



2012-11-14 1003

Two new user videos uploaded this week! Interlock Mantrap feature and Time and Attendance for Integra32. Log in and check them out here!



We have uploaded a few more Integra32 training videos and expect to be adding more over the upcoming months. The new videos are geared toward usability and should be helpful for dealers and end users alike. Log in and check them out here!




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