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Though features outlined on pages 2 and 3 are covered by the RBH Integra32 Security Management System, additional features are available by upgrading to the RBH Axiom Security Management System.

Managing multiple sites? Want to reduce local on-site presence or just add a fall back option for customer service and added security? Combine your properties with the AxiomV based command center or make it an accessible tool for central security office staff.

  • • Global access and management from main office.
  • • Local management access restricted to people and equipment on designated site only.
  • • Access to high end features even at small sites: software package is shared, reducing initial costs.

Direct control by residents/association administration via Web browser (Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome and many others)

• Create limited accounts for individual residents to
administer their visitor and contractor cards/codes

• Create limited accounts for association or property
management use:

• Add / delete cards

• Change access and unlocking schedules

• Produce reports

• Override doors remotely

• Counting of available parking spots, “Full” sign operation
• Allow only a limited number of parking uses
• Link privileges to rent or dues status

Helps security contractors to familiarize themselves with
your system quicker
• Control doors and monitor alarms directly from the map
• Touch screen compatible

RBH SafeSuite alarm keypad system adds premium services to residents:

• Intrusion and Emergency call alarms can be monitored locally or remotely.

• Convenient LCD messaging selectively or globally for parcel pickup or service announcements. Each message can be audited and time stamped when the occupant acknowledged the

• Convenient Elevator Recall for the suite from the occupants keypad.

• Occupants can open common access points for visitors while talking on their cell phones.

• Seamlessly integrate with popular EasyLobby visitor
management system
• Use built in optional functionality

Control access to the premises

Securing access to your store or office can be a costly challenge. There are methods that had proven themselves over the years but were costly or complex to implement. RBH Access Technologies brings simplicity and low cost to their implementation

Logic for keeping only a single door open at a time in a security vestibule is built into our controllers:

• No more relays, interlock wiring and timers

• Standard access control door wiring

• Any technician can understand, install and service

• A single check mark (“Enable interlock” in configuration
of a 2-door access controller joins its doors in Mantrap logic interlock.

• Use secure credentials for use by employees on inner and outer doors

• Use Card + PIN or Finger + Card + PIN if needed

• Adding a special code after presenting your card can bypass a trip alarm. If code is not entered, door will open still but a silent alert will be transmitted

• Various bypass codes can be used even in addition to
Card + PIN code requirement.

• Wired release buttons – lowest cost, but can be reached and activated by criminal’s accomplice while your staff is

• Wireless encrypted pendants – secure way to keep device in employee’s hands and ensure security of wireless operations while recording which person used it.

• Wired readers or keypads

Everyone knows, display cases need to be locked. It works better without key rings, fiddling with locks and not knowing if you forgot to lock it.

• Add a status sensor and an electric latch (or small magnetic lock with bond sensor) to your display case and say goodbye to individual keys and lack of audit trail Individual reader control - add a reader to each case to insure accurate audit trail and local activation

• Case will open for a pre-set amount of time

• Open too long notification - if case was left open an alert will be created

• You can create two groups of employees: with short and long opening durations Shared reader control - a single reader with a built in keypad can control multiple cases, just use your card and punch in display case number to open it.

Controlling exit from the premises can be even more challenging than controlling access, a variety of options are

• Automatic devices (motion detectors, crash bars, pressure mats or any other means) for fully automatic operation

• Staff operated devices (wired release buttons, wireless encrypted pendants, wired readers or keypads) to initiate
alarm free exit

Control access and log to store rooms, display cases and private show areas

Securing access to your store or office can be a costly challenge. There are methods that had proven themselves over the years but were costly or complex to implement. RBH Access Technologies brings simplicity and low cost to their implementation

Every event (door opening, display case open too long, etc. can generate a video pop-up or a single click playback of the event when integrated with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or an Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Event driven video integration

• Link door activity to specific cameras

• Use your CCTV system as door bell

• Automate event playback

At least twice a day product gets moved from and to the safe room, if you can’t be there then, take steps to know who was there, when it was done.

Two person requirement
• To add additional security two people can be required to present cards (or any other credentials) in order to access any secure area. An extra pair of eye is a great deterrent.

• Door held open alert - if one of your secure or mantrap doors failed to close or was propped open a series of alerts can be initiated: email, text message, video pop-up, lights, sounds, etc.

• When certain doors are opened, or others left carelessly open, get notified right away

• If you can’t be there, know what is going on and make
that call

Having a complete record of who came and when, who worked with which case, who let someone into a door is a great management tool

• Utilizing our Anti-Passback logic we can make sure your employees use their cards both on the way in and out to ensure complete audit trail

• Out of all the employees your business might have only a select few are authorized to disarm the burglar alarm, to make sure that employees with lower security clearance
can’t get on to the  premises while burglar alarm system is armed we enable High Security  mode on all doors, meaning that only employees with higher security clearance or owners themselves can use their credentials. Once alarm is disarmed all authorized employees can access the premises. Upon arming of burglar alarm system doors will be put into High Security mode automatically.

• If you have a confidential meeting in one of your spaces served by an Access Control system you can assure privacy by locking that door putting into High Security Mode by presenting your card 4 times in the row. Only specifically designated people will be able to do that. At the end of the meeting another 4 card swipes will put the door into normal operating mode.

• You can also trigger High Security Mode via panic alarm

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