Designing and manufacturing Enterprise Access Control and Security Management systems for over 29 years

RBH secures any Industry

For a diverse range of clients, including government and financial institutions, universities, and leading social networks. Our robust feature set enables tailored solutions for specific needs. Interlocking product lines cater to various budgets and system sizes, ensuring scalable options for our clients.

Ensures only authorized personnel access sensitive areas, enhancing patient safety, security, and operational efficiency.


Enhances campus security by ensuring only authorized individuals enter classrooms, and facilities, promoting a safe learning environment.


Manage authorized personnel, visitors, and contractors optimally, enhancing security and operational efficiency while protecting assets and cargo.


Ensure entry for customers and staff, manage cash transport services, and oversee sensitive area management within your financial establishments.

Software Solutions

From enterprise to small business solutions, we offer packages tailored to each customer’s needs. Utilizing the latest Microsoft platform technology, we deliver responsive and reliable software for desktops, servers, and web environments.

Enterprise Security Management System
Axiom meets the challenge by integrating Access Control and alarm monitoring with video surveillance, Building Management Automation, asset tracking, guard tour, visitor management, and other critical security functions into a versatile and elegant security management solution.
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Security Management System
Integra32 Security Management System seamlessly integrates Access Control, Intrusion Alarms, Elevator Control, CCTV & DVR, Biometric Authentication, Photo ID, Building Automation, and ON and Offsite Alarm Monitoring, into an elegant and versatile building management and security system.
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Video Management System
RBHView effortlessly scales from local to global networks, placing recording servers anywhere without proprietary hardware. It integrates seamlessly with major video surveillance brands, offers advanced analytics, ensuring comprehensive security management across all phases.
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Our controllers operate in harsh environments worldwide across diverse applications. We support a wide range of identification devices, including proximity, fingerprint, iris, and various other technologies available today.

Discover the power of blueLINE

Never before has a mobile credential been so agile and practical.

Articles and Newsletters

Dynamic Safeguarding Assets: Access Control Solutions for the Custody of Cash and Valuable Goods

Dynamic Safeguarding Assets: Access Control Solutions for the Custody of Cash and Valuable Goods

For RBH Access, a Canadian manufacturer of access control solutions, its commitment to integration is backed by extensive experience in designing security solutions globally, particularly in the demanding cash and valuables transportation market.

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Access Control Trends in 2024

Access Control Trends in 2024

Access control is a crucial tool in terms of security for any organization or company, we refer specifically to physical access control systems as a first indicator of security that provides protection and confidence in an institution. An access control system designed according to needs, and budget and oriented to be effective can protect confidential information, and physical assets to the personnel of the organization.

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Accelerating Security: The Speed and Efficiency of blueLINE™ Digital Credentials

Accelerating Security: The Speed and Efficiency of blueLINE™ Digital Credentials

Speed is a crucial aspect of access control systems, from the generation of the credential and the registration process to the validation of the user. The speed at which these processes can be completed is vital to have a fast and efficient access system.

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