AWID SP-6820 Proximity Reader Series

AWID SP-6820 Proximity Reader Series

AWID’s SP-6820 Proximity Card Reader is a switchplate-type reader that combines exceptional reading distance and easy mounting directly on a single-gang box.

With a read range up to 8 inches, the SP-6820 reader delivers excellent performance without compromising quality, durability, attractive appearance, and ease of installation.

The SP-6820 reader contains (a) a 3-color LED, (b) a 4 kilohertz beeper, and (c) a “hold” circuit. Both LED and beeper are controlled by the reader itself. All three functions can be controlled externally by the host system. The LED can indicate access-granted by the host. The beeper can be used as an alarm that prevents further card reads until the alarm condition is cleared. The “hold” circuit delays code transmission from the reader until the host requests it.

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