Accelerating Security: The Speed and Efficiency of blueLINE™ Digital Credentials

Accelerating Security: The Speed and Efficiency of blueLINE™ Digital Credentials

Speed is a crucial aspect of access control systems, from the generation of the credential and the registration process to the validation of the user. The speed at which these processes can be completed is vital to have a fast and efficient access system.

The process of credentialing can be a tedious task. With physical credentials, the process depends on available inventory, printing, and credential registration. With mobile credentials, the licensing protocols and server validations can add several hours to those who need to enroll their credential. Places that require massive enrollment of users who need credentials fast, such as schools, commercial buildings, or sectors with a large personnel registration, can be particularly affected.

blueLINE™ simplicity and productivity

blueLINE™ is a highly secure line of digital credentials and readers designed to meet different industries' needs, adaptable to different environments and state-of-the-art access control technologies.

blueLINE™ mobile credentials have high levels of privacy and speed up the process of getting a credential and subsequent activation, simplifying processes and boosting productivity.

blueLINE™ credentials are rated as one of the fastest on the market and have won several industry awards for speed, security, and privacy.

Advantages of blueLINE™ credentials

  • In less than 1 minute, you can use blueLINE™. Download the application from the store and share the generated code with the access administrator; they validate, and you are good to go!
  • blueLINE™ credentials are anonymous, and they don't use personal data as they are designed only to request Bluetooth or NFC access (depending on the type of credential) to issue the validation code to a selected reader.
  • blueLINE™ credentials planet-friendly solution. They don’t rely on data centers or servers and don’t generate waste, resource consumption, and CO2 emissions.
  • Because blueLINE credentials don't require licensing, they're free to get and use.
  • blueLINE™ credentials are ideal for any industry or need; these credentials offer infinite uses. They’re compatible with the vast majority of access management systems on the market, making them perfect for any business or organization.

In conclusion, blueLINE™ mobile credentials offer several advantages over physical credentials:

  • Increased security: They are less likely to be lost, borrowed, stolen, or falsified, which increases access control security.
  • Greater privacy: Using these credentials doesn't require private or personal information because they're stored and verified on mobile devices.
  • Lower environmental impact: Since they don't use servers for validation or physical or chemical processes, they're better for the environment.
  • Flexibility: They can be updated and revoked remotely, allowing greater flexibility.
  • Increased productivity: The agile process to acquire and activate without going through authentication servers and other procedures makes it a plug & play credential.

BlueLINE digital credentials are secure, agile, simple, and sustainable options for improving access control efficiency.



An extra note: The time it took you to read this article is the time it would take you to use a blueLINE credential.

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