Increase Security and Reduce Costs in Your School with Access Control Technology

Increase Security and Reduce Costs in Your School with Access Control Technology

By: Alex Jimenez, Marketing Manager - CALA


In educational environments, it’s common to see universities equipped with management and access control systems in their facilities, as mentioned in previous articles. However, these systems are less common in schools, where security is a fundamental priority to ensure a safe environment for students, teachers, and administrative staff. Implementing access control systems is an effective measure to manage and restrict access to school facilities, significantly contributing to the security and operation of the educational center. Educational institutions can take advantage of the great benefits these systems offer, as well as the use of mobile credentials as a practical and economical solution, adaptable to different costs, sizes, and needs.


Advantages of Access Control in Schools


  1. Improved School Security
  • Access Restriction: Access control systems allow restricting entry to unauthorized individuals, ensuring that only students, staff, and approved visitors can access the facilities or certain areas.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Administrators can monitor in real-time who enters and leaves the school, enabling a quick response to any security incidents.
  • Access History: Keeping a detailed record of entries and exits helps identify patterns and potential threats, facilitating investigations in case of incidents.
  1. Operational Efficiency
  • Simplified Management: Even though schools do not have a significant demand for records and cardholders, access management is considerably simplified. This allows for the administration of permissions by zones, schedules, and spaces, as well as temporary deactivation in case of school recess or special permits.
  • Cost Reduction: By automating access control, costs associated with hiring additional security personnel and issuing physical cards are reduced. Additionally, validating certain cardholders can activate devices such as heating, air conditioning, and electronic equipment, significantly saving on energy expenses.
  1. Compliance and Regulation
  • Regulatory Compliance: Access control systems help schools comply with security and data protection regulations, providing a safe environment for all occupants. This also serves as an important added value for parents or caregivers when choosing an institution.
  1. Analytics and Data
  • Efficient Management: Many institutions have not exploited the potential of analytics to optimize their management. For example, the number of lunches or snacks needed can be counted according to the number of students and staff present. Energy usage can also be optimized according to student schedules in different areas, and entry and exit processes or the use of common spaces can be improved.

RBH Access Technologies Inc., with its Integra32 and AxiomXa systems, offers multiple benefits such as parking space control, linking institution assets to specific users, video notifications for better control of certain areas, visitor management, and more. Additionally, our solutions allow integrations with third-party software and systems according to the specific needs of each school. 


RBH Access also provides at no additional cost the RBH #blueLINE mobile credentials, without restrictions on the number of students or hidden costs for renewals or licenses.




To learn more about how RBH Access and its systems can benefit your school, we invite you to request more information at the following link:

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