Access Control Trends in 2024

Access Control Trends in 2024

RBH Access collaborates closely with integrators and partners who continually confront the evolving challenges and demands of users in electronic security services. With the support of our partners and in response to technical requirements and new demands, we present three relevant trends in access control security for consideration in 2024, hoping they will be helpful in your projects.

Enhancing Access Control Security:

It is undeniable that generating duplicate credentials or interfering with communication with readers is surprisingly easy in the current landscape. We face a reality where these devices are available at minimal cost. To counter this vulnerability, it is imperative to adopt technologies such as OSDP version 2.0 or higher, which notify of any changes or interruptions in communication with the reader and employ robust communication encryption. Likewise, the use of credential technologies such as MiFARE Ev2 or Ev3 is recommended. These two technologies remain uncompromised, ensuring the security of your entire infrastructure.

Continued Growth of Mobile Credentials:

Mobile credentials are solidifying their position as the ultimate access control entry and registration system due to their convenience, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. RBH Access Technologies Inc. leads this trend with mobile credentials that do not depend on licenses or authentication servers, providing an advanced and hassle-free solution for gradually migrating toward this technology. If you want to learn more about #blueline mobile credentials, please follow the link below.

Integration of Biosecurity Elements:

The recent pandemic underscores the importance of maintaining contingency and care measures. Therefore, there is a call to review access management systems to include elements such as crowd control, temporary credential locks, restricted areas, and the use of face masks, among other measures. Access Control stands as a crucial ally in ensuring the health and safety of all individuals entering.

Stay tuned for three more access control trends in future publications. At RBH Access Technologies Inc. , we are committed to evolutionary security and constant advancement in the world of Access Control.

RBH Access collaborates with integrators and partners to address evolving electronic security challenges. In response to technical demands, they highlight three key access control trends for 2024:


1. Enhancing Access Control Security: Implementing OSDP version 2.0 or higher and using MiFARE Ev2 or Ev3 technologies to prevent credential duplication and communication interference.


2. Growth of Mobile Credentials: Mobile credentials are becoming the preferred access control method due to their convenience and sustainability. RBH leads with license-free, advanced mobile solutions.


3. Integration of Biosecurity Elements: Incorporating measures like crowd control, temporary credential locks, restricted areas, and face masks into access management systems to ensure health and safety.

RBH Access Technologies Inc. continues to advance and innovate in access control security.

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